Elder Care Provider Wanted - General Senior Care Services; Part Time In Home Care For 2 Elderly North Of Pensacola, Fl Area.

I am looking for in home care/help for my 2 elderly parents. I will be hiring someone as soon as I can. My parents are back from an assisted living facility.
This job is a combination of very basic home making; simple meal prep/serving; sitting; administer medications; take vital signs; some companionship. Some basic housework is expected such as organizing/bed-making/tidy up (but no heavy cleaning or major cooking).
3 adults live in the household. Both elderly and their caretaker have health issues. Elderly have some minor dementia and poor memory.
Both elderly persons can be considered vulnerable adults; both have a degree of diminished capacity at times; woman is late 80s; man is 92 with hearing and vision impairment; Both elderly can get around on their own and manage the most basic tasks for themselves; they have to be checked on though; both elderly are not requiring extensive medical intervention but more in the area of activity of daily living tasks.
Caretaker is 53-year-old son of the 2 elderly. He is often overloaded without help; Caretaker son is college educated, resourceful, and effective, but due to his unusual medical complication he is very limited at times and needs others to take over.
Job is part-time but can increase sometimes. Definitely can vary, but is expected to be around 3 days a week. Probably 15-20 hours a week normally. Will expect to develop a basic plan/routine.
Applicant should have some kind of home care/senior care/medical background. FL CNA is desirable. Those with related training such as CNA, CPR certification; first aid license; gerontology background will be considered first.
Applicants: You need transportation or reliable ride to job (there are no bus routes). Valid driverÔ s license is required and will be verified; will offer reimbursement for any use of vehicle to run errands, or possible trip to medical appointments.
Documentation and references expected; background will be verified; Nothing will happen if information is not provided for verification; DO NOT respond if you cannot give accurate background information from the start.
Pay starts at $12-13 per hour; any increase in pay would happen after a routine/familiarity is established. Can provide more information, just ask.

Don't Be Fooled

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